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Matt Oberst Memorial Scholarship
Develop by Sterling Montessori’s Class of 2017 
Dive directly past choppy waters, see the faces of all the martyrs;
Let the cold just numb your senses, been seeing shapes through faulty lenses;IMG_8498.jpg
Clear your eyes so you can see, the way things are supposed to be.
-Matt Oberst


Matt had a way with words, he also had a way with middle schoolers.  He enjoyed teaching them, he loved to see them grow and mature into strong, independent people.  One of his goals when developing the curriculum for the Middle School was to develop the whole student, while giving them the tools necessary to be successful in everything they do (education, career, and life).  He fully believed in the core Montessori principle “Respect the Child”.  Matt’s ultimate goal is that Sterling students enjoy their middle school years; they learn the skills necessary to be successful in high school and college; they develop a strong sense of confidence in themselves; and they live a life respecting themselves and each other.    

2023 Matt Oberst Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 22, 2023 by 11:59 p.m. EST.
Available to: Graduates of Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School in Morrisville, North Carolina who will be attending an Accredited College or University in the Fall of 2023.
Award Amount: $500
Announcement: Award will be announced in May and presented in June at the 7th grade graduation

Submit the following information by the stated deadline to

  • Your full name;
  • The year you graduated from Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School;
  • The name of College or University you will be attending in the Fall of 2023;
  • Essay response.  

Please remember your essay should be no longer then one page, double spaced with one inch margins.  It should also be written in Times New Roman in 12 point font.

2023 Matt Oberst Memorial Scholarship Essay Question: 

Elvis Presley was a big part of Matt’s teaching style. He would constantly reference Elvis in class and had multiple Elvis toys and posters throughout the classroom. Find and interpret one Elvis quote and compare it to the moral values you learned at Sterling.

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Once part of the Sterling Family, always part of the Sterling Family!  Each and every graduate of Sterling becomes part of our school’s rich and varied history.  We want to continue to honor each of you and keep in touch with your accomplishments.

We will begin developing our Alumni Program with special events, news, volunteer opportunities and reunions. Please be sure to keep in touch with our development office and let us know your accomplishments!  We want to know where you go to school and all the amazing and authentic contributions you make to this world.

If you are in a position for giving, we encourage you!  Your gift to The Sterling’s Annual Fund continues the success and legacy of the Montessori education you experienced for future generations.